Children's Thobe Size Chart

Please refer to the size chart below before placing your order. This size chart is designed to match the age/size of the chil with the appropriate thobe size. Feel free to go a size up if you know your child may need a little more space in the width or height. The thobe can always be hemmed or the child can grow in to the thobe. Once item is altered it can not be exchanged, Again, these are just recommendations. 
Age Group Thobe Size
0-3 months 16
3-6 months 18
6-12 months 20
12-18 months 22
18-24 months 24
2T-3T 26
3-4yrs 28
4-5yrs 30
5-6yrs 32
6-7yrs 34
7-8yrs 36
8-10yrs 38
9-11yrs 40
10-12yrs 42
11-13yrs 44
12-14yrs 46
13-15yrs 48


If you know your size and are comfortable with that fit, we recommend ordering that size. If you need sizing assistance please email us at